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Identity Management

Prevent identity-based attacks and enable zero trust access across the network

Centrally manage all user information such as users, groups, organizations, and , reducing operational burden on system administrators, enabling/disabling accounts per service or per status that plays an important role for security measures.

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What is Identity Management (ID)?

ID management is the management of information (ID) to identify users. System administrators can register, change, and delete user account information and grant access privileges to SSO-linked cloud services.

It also reduces operational burdens by centrally managing user account information that is managed by multiple systems and services respectively. Furthermore, by smoothly setting up the deactivation of dormant accounts due to retirement, transfer, childcare leave, etc., it prevents unauthorized use of those accounts and protects important information assets from threats such as unauthorized access.

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Centralized management of user information for multiple services

CloudGate UNO centrally manages user account information that has been managed separately by multiple cloud services.

ID management not only reduces the operational burden on system administrators but also plays an important role as a security measure.

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User Management

User Management

User Management is a function that allows CloudGate UNO to centrally manage user accounts that include information such as department, position, etc. User management allows access permission to SSO-integrated services, account provisioning, role assignment, etc.

In addition, by linking with Active Directory, centralized management based on an existing database is also possible.

Account provisioning available services
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Services that can be provisioned by SCIM

Zscaler Internet Access

Cisco Webex

AWS Single Sign-On

Group Management - Identity Management
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Group Management

Visually manage groups of users that differ from your organization

Group Management is a feature that allows visual management using CloudGate UNO’s user and group information. Group Management allows you to create a cohesive group of users that are categorized differently from their organization, such as by job title or role. This group information can be used for group provisioning and role assignment to some SSO-integrated services.

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Group Management - Identity Mangement
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Organizational Management

Systematic management by department and organization information

Organization management allows systematic management by adding departments (organizations) to the organization information. Organization information can be used to provision organizations to SSO linked services.

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Organizational Management - Identity Mangement

CloudGate UNO helps organizations implement a Zero Trust approach to security.

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