Strong Authentication, Access Control,
and Identity Management for Cloud Services

Convenient cloud service access and uncompromised securityfor working in office or remotely
CloudGate Device Certificate for remote work and device restriction

Login to cloud services securely
with Device Certificate

Remote work should not compromise security. Device designations can be an effective method to authorize service access. CloudGate certificate can be easily issued by system administrators and provide robust security for remote workers while maintaining the convenience of SSO. Users of the Smart Pack plan have two device certificates (for both PC and smart devices) by default and can purchase more.

Pocket CloudGate - Authentication Security App

Authentication and security measures
on a single app, Pocket CloudGate

Pocket CloudGate is an App dedicated to CloudGate UNO. Pocket CloudGate not only enables strong out-of-band (OOB) authentication. It also provides detailed login activity history and security alerts.

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What is CloudGate UNO?

CloudGate UNO is an identity and access management (IAM) platform that utilizes cutting-edge authentication methods and well-established industry standards. CloudGate UNO enables multiple-factor authentication to passwords, and beyond that, passwordless authentication that achieves unparalleled security. By combining strong authentication guarded single sign-on and service-specific access management, organizations can adopt a Zero Trust approach to their in-house and cloud services while maintaining versatile access restrictions.
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CloudGate UNO Features Overview

In addition to identity management, CloudGate UNO has flexible access restrictions and authentication functions, etc.
It provides the necessary functions as a single sign-on service of the Zero Trust model.
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Single Sign-On

Multiple cloud services access with a single login process. More than 300 cloud services are supported.


Strong Authentication

Versatile authentication methods for system administrators to choose from. End users can be authenticated using passwords, two-factor, multifactor, or passwordless authentication, depending on the context of login and risk assessment.


Access Control

System administrators can setup preconfigured login scenarios, allowing users to access from specified location, device, and assign different authentication methods. The login scenario is also configurable per cloud service.


Identity Management

All-in-one user identity management and account provisioning for multiple service providers.


Active Directory

Integrate with preexisting Active Directory identities. Allow centralized account synchronization and provisioning.

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Case Studies

Find out how our customers improved their authentication flow and enhanced security for cloud services by
incorporating CloudGate UNO in their organizations.
NTT Smile Energy

There was a bit of a concern using just passwords to login to Google Workspace. CloudGate UNO provided high-level biometrics-based identity verification services by offering not only two-factor authentication but also fingerprint authentication.

Yoshimoto Administration Co., Ltd.

The key differentiator of CloudGate UNO was its easy-to-use and flexible access control policies. We felt there was a future for this service as security measures for cloud services continued to increase.

Kiku-Masamune Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.

CloudGate UNO enables the secure management of authentication data, and the ability to view access logs, of multiple cloud services in one place.

CloudGate UNO helps organizations implement a
Zero Trust approach to Security.

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A trademarked single sign-on service solution of International Systems Research Co. (ISR) that provides reliable and affordable strong authentication service for cloud services.

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