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Protect your Organization with Enhanced Authentication Policies

CloudGate UNO provides versatile, convenient, and stronger authentication methods for administrators to choose from which assists organizations in safeguarding their resources from unauthorized access.

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What is User Authentication?

User authentication is the act of identifying a user who accesses CloudGate UNO and verifying that the user is the actual user by using an element called an authentication factor that “confirms the user’s identity”. Approval information of CloudGate UNO is sent to the linked cloud service.

By increasing the accuracy of identity verification, or the strength of authentication, you can protect important information assets from threats such as unauthorized access.

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Adoption of the Zero Trust Model

CloudGate UNO’s Zero Trust SSO Solution

With the spread of cloud services, cyber attacks such as unauthorized access are increasing. For future network security, the Zero Trust concept of “not trusting all access” in restricting access to federated services is essential.

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What is secure and user-friendly authentication?

Passwordless authentication for both security and convenience

Today, it is commonplace to access and work with corporate business systems and cloud services anytime, anywhere. That is why we need an authentication method with a higher level of accuracy and security for identity verification, incorporating Zero Trust’s concept of “not trusting all access.

However, authentication methods with high levels of accuracy and security for identity verification, on the other hand, may compromise convenience. This is where multi-factor authentication (MFA), which uses two or more authentication factors to authenticate, comes in.

There are three types of authentication factors: possession (possession information), knowledge (knowledge information), and characteristics that only the person possesses (biometric information). MFA that does not use passwords, which belong to knowledge information, is “password-less authentication,” which combines security and convenience.

*Multi-factor authentication (MFA) with passwords and one-time passwords (OTP) converts possession information into knowledge information during the authentication process. Therefore, compared to other MFA, ISR We consider it to have an inferior level of security.

What is Zero Trust SSO?What is Multi-factor Authentication?
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Optimal security and convenience are achieved based on the login environment

CloudGate UNO’s MFA (Multi-factor Authentication) provides strong authentication that is difficult to break through by verifying the identity of the user using possession information, knowledge information, or biometric information. This solution not only improves the accuracy of identity verification, which is important for authentication, but also provides ease of use for the user.

CloudGate UNO’s user authentication is performed by users arbitrarily selecting an authentication factor (authentication method) from a predefined authentication method. Authentication methods include the more convenient MFA “Passwordless Authentication”, “Multifactor Authentication”, and “Password Authentication”.

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Use Case

Authentication method: Passwordless authentication

For example, in a company that employs remote desktops, a user who authenticates using a device compliant with the FIDO2 specification when coming to work may not be able to authenticate under the same conditions when working from home.

Even in such a case, it can be used as a backup by using CloudGate Authenticator, which is classified as the same authentication method.

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Benefits of CloudGate UNO’s User Authentication

User Authentication Benefits 1 - Strong Authentication

Realizing strong authentication with simple actions such as facial recognition and touching the security key.

User Authentication Benefits 2 - Strong Authentication

Protect important information assets from the threat of cyberattacks such as unauthorized access by improving the accuracy of identity verification.

User Authentication Benefits 3 - Strong Authentication

Even cloud services that do not support multi-factor authentication can be strengthened by linking with CloudGate UNO.

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Feature 1

Password Authentication

Password authentication is authentication using a password. You can set the password expiration date and required character types such as “numbers” and “symbols”.

Authentication factor

• Password

Password Authentication - Strong Authentication

Sample flow using traditional Password Authentication method

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Feature 2

Multi-factor Authentication

Multi-factor Authentication is MFA with passwords and other authentication factors.
Authenticate using a FIDO2-compliant authenticator, CloudGate Authenticator, and one-time password.

Authentication factor

• Password + FIDO2

• Password + CloudGate Authenticator

• Password + One Time Password (OTP)

Password CGA Authentication - Strong Authentication

Sample flow using Password + CloudGate Authenticator method

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Feature 3

Passwordless Authentication

Passwordless authentication is MFA without a password. Authenticate using a FIDO2 compliant authenticator or CloudGate Authenticator.

Authentication factor

• Password + FIDO2

• Password + CloudGate Authenticator

Password CGA Authentication - Strong Authentication

Sample flow of Passwordless Authentication method using CloudGate Authenticator

CloudGate UNO helps organizations implement a Zero Trust approach to security.

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