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Secure yet easy to use Identity and Access Management solution

What is CloudGate?

CloudGate UNO is an identity management platform that combines safety and convenience with flexible access restrictions and strong authentication. Single sign-on that supports zero trust protects important corporate information assets from the threat of cyberattacks.

In addition, CloudGate UNO boasts a stable operational track record with an uptime rate of 99.99% or higher, and is trusted by customers for its unstoppable and stable operation, which is important as the gateway to cloud services.

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Adopted Zero-trust Architecture

With the spread of cloud services, cyber attacks such as unauthorized access have increased. For future network security, the zero-trust concept of “not trusting all access” in restricting access to linked services is essential.

CloudGate UNO is designed to provide customers with more secure access to cloud services, CloudGate UNO adopts a single sign-on function based on the zero-trust model to enable customers to use cloud services more securely. To achieve secure sign-on, access to cloud services can be restricted by specifying who, what, when, where, and how to sign on.

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Zero Trust SSO Solution CloudGate UNO

Access restriction for each service

CloudGate UNO adopts the single sign-on functionality of the Zero Trust model to provide customers with more secure access to cloud services. The approach has been changed to one that requires verification (authentication) each time a cloud service is accessed. This allows access restrictions to be set not only by user or group, but also by cloud service.

Improved user convenience

Authentication methods will also be reorganized into functions that improve user convenience. Three categories of authentication methods have been established: Password Authentication, Multi-factor Authentication, and Passwordless Authentication (Pocket CloudGate, FIDO2). Administrators can flexibly set any authentication method from several categories for certain users.

CloudGate UNO authenticates users each time they access the service, providing enhanced access control features and easy-to-use authentication methods to protect information assets.

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What you can achieve with CloudGate UNO

Protects your information assets
Protects your information assets

With flexible access control combined with a full range of features, high level of security is achieved to protect your information assets.

Improved User Experience
Improved User Experience

SSO reduces time spent per user by logging in to CloudGate UNO once to access multiple cloud services, and eliminates the need to remember passwords with Passwordless.

Reduce Administration Costs
Reduce Administration Costs

Reduces risks from cyberattacks and management burden by centrally managing users, linked cloud services, device certificates, etc.

Why CloudGate UNO

With CloudGate UNO, you can use cloud services more securely and safely without sacrificing convenience.
15 Years of Service
15 Years of Service

CloudGate began providing services in 2008 and will celebrate its 15th anniversary in 2023.

Advanced Security
Advanced Security

CloudGate has provided a secure login environment for approximately 90 million times a year.


CloudGate boasts an average uptime rate of 99.99% or more, and provides stable service operation.

Support System
Support System

After installation, our dedicated support team responds to about 90% of inquiries within 24 hours, and strives to provide prompt solutions and careful guidance.

100% In-house
100% In-house

CloudGate is 100% developed in-house. It is a safe service that undergoes regular external checks.

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ITreview Leader for 3 Consecutive Years on various categories

CloudGate UNO was evaluated as a product with excellent customer satisfaction and product recognition on the IT product review platform "ITreview", and was awarded the "ITreview Grid Award 2023 Winter" for ID management, single sign-on (SSO), and multi-factor authentication. (MFA) was awarded "Leader" in three categories. This is the 7th consecutive term (3 years) that the 3 categories have been awarded, and the 12th consecutive year that the SSO and ID Management categories have won the ITreview Grid Award 2020 Spring.

Case Studies

Find out how our customers improved their authentication flow and enhanced security for cloud services by
incorporating CloudGate UNO in their organizations.
NTT Smile Energy

There was a bit of a concern using just passwords to login to Google Workspace. CloudGate UNO provided high-level biometrics-based identity verification services by offering not only two-factor authentication but also fingerprint authentication.

Yoshimoto Administration Co., Ltd.

The key differentiator of CloudGate UNO was its easy-to-use and flexible access control policies. We felt there was a future for this service as security measures for cloud services continued to increase.

Kiku-Masamune Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.

CloudGate UNO enables the secure management of authentication data, and the ability to view access logs, of multiple cloud services in one place.

Features Overview


Single Sign-On

Multiple cloud services access with a single login process. More than 300 cloud services are supported.


User Authentication

Enhanced and versatile authentication methods for system administrator to choose from.


Device Certificate

Since certificates can be distributed and installed only on authorized terminals, strict terminal control can be achieved.


Access Control

You can manage the conditions (location/device/time) under which login to the service is allowed.


Active Directory

ID federation and authentication federation by Active Directory federation are possible.


Identity and Access Management (IAM)

It allows centralized management of everything from ID management to lifecycle management such as provisioning.


CloudGate UNO Basic Features

Single Sign-on (Unlimited)

Access Restrictions


Access Control, Log Reports, etc.

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CG Premium Support
  • Log analysis of suspicious login attempts, unused accounts, etc.
  • Appropriate access control settings consultation

Our support and consulting service “CloudGate Premium Support (CGPS)” solves your concerns.

CloudGate UNO helps organizations implement a Zero Trust approach to security.

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