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Single Sign-On (SSO)

CloudGate UNO’s Zero Trust Single Sign-On (SSO) Solution

Due to the increase in diverse work styles, a zero-trust concept for security was born to not trust all access.
CloudGate UNO has applied this concept which allows users to login once, yet verifies user identity and confirms access authorization for every cloud services accessed, which improves security while still maintaining convenience.

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What is Single Sign-On (SSO)?

Single sign-on is a mechanism that enables the use of multiple cloud services and applications with only one authentication. The number of companies that use a combination of multiple cloud services to improve business efficiency is increasing every year. In addition, the use of cloud services by companies is expected to become more active in the future due to the need for telecommuting.

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Adoption of the Zero Trust Model

CloudGate UNO’s Zero Trust SSO Solution

With the spread of cloud services, cyber attacks such as unauthorized access are increasing. For future network security, the Zero Trust concept of “not trusting all access” in restricting access to federated services is essential.

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Centralized Management of All Cloud Services

CloudGate UNO’s Single Sign-On integration function not only allows seamless access to multiple cloud services with a single sign-on, but also allows system administrators to centrally manage them through a dedicated management screen.

Single Sign-On not only improves the convenience of multi-cloud access but also plays an important role as a security measure. CloudGate UNO’s Zero Trust Model SSO works with various cloud services to provide strong authentication and robust access restrictions to protect valuable information in the cloud.

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What the Single Sign-on integration function can solve

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Easy access to various services with one sign-on

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It is no longer necessary to memorize the password for each service, and the security aspect is also safe.

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Services that could not be introduced due to mismatched security requirements can now be introduced by linking with CloudGate UNO

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User Hub

Consolidate multiple cloud services in one place for convenient access

Once a cloud service provider is added, a list of cloud services available to each user is displayed in the “User Hub,” which serves as a collection of links for accessing CloudGate UNO services, and users can easily access those services with a simple click. Other functions include password change, confirmation of user’s basic information and settings, access history list, and more.

Users can also add or change devices within the scope of the authentication method they have set.

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In-house Web system integration

Log in with a single ID/password for both newly introduced cloud and ongoing in-house systems

Form-based authentication enables single sign-on integration even with company-specific applications and cloud services that do not support SAML 2.0. This frees you from having to remember passwords for complicated internal systems.

In addition, by combining the Active Directory (AD) integration option, customers already using AD can log in to cloud services that do not support AD integration authentication with their AD IDs and passwords.

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CloudGate UNO Extension

Easy SSO integration from Chrome browser extensions

If you have already signed on to CloudGate UNO by adding the CloudGate UNO Extension to your Google Chrome browser, you can access each service without going through the User Hub.

It allows for more convenient and seamless single sign-on access to linked services.

CG Premium Support
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Self Service Provider - Single Sign-on
Add a Service Provider

Administrators can add new cloud services to use

System administrators can add their own cloud services (service providers) for single sign-on.

If you do not see the cloud service you are considering in the list of linked services, please feel free to contact us. Our expert staff will verify the linkage with CloudGate UNO, regardless of the service, whether domestic or international.

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Services that can be linked with single sign-on

CloudGate UNO can integrate single sign-on with over 300 cloud services.

Calculate the cost-effectiveness of Single Sign-On

Try out below simulation on how much cost will be reduced on implementing SSO on your organization.

Calculate Potential Savings

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CloudGate UNO helps organizations implement a Zero Trust approach to security.

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