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Simplify Account Management with CloudGate UNO’s Provisioning Function

It automates account management, which is one of the major burdens of system administrators, and makes it possible to reduce work mistakes and security risks.

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What is Provisioning?

It automates the cumbersome account management of cloud services, reducing work errors and automatically granting licenses, in addition to improving operational efficiency.

Provisioning reduces these burdens and security risks caused by work errors. In addition, licenses can be automatically assigned to newly created accounts at the same time, allowing users to start using the service immediately after account creation, as well as to make use of unused licenses that were left over without being noticed.

What is Provisioning? | Provisioning

Feature Overview of CloudGate UNO Provisioning

When a user already created on CloudGate UNO signs in to a federated service via CloudGate UNO, the federated service automatically creates, updates, suspends, or deletes the user, and automatically assigns a new license to an unused account. Provisioning is enabled by the API and SCIM2.0.

Feature Overview of CloudGate UNO Provisioning | Provisioning

Provisioning via API

Seamlessly link user information to major services commonly used in office operations on a group basis

It can be provisioned not only on a per-user basis, but also on an organizational or group basis. For example, all employees in the same department can be given access to a specific system, or a project group created across departments can share the same data and materials.

Units of Provisioning
• User

Individual user accounts

• Organization

Use the organization chart created by CloudGate UNO
(Limited to domains with CloudGate UNO contract)

• Groups

Use groups created with CloudGate UNO that are not bound by organizational charts
(Domains other than CloudGate UNO contracted are also possible)

Examples of available services and their applications

Google Workspace Logo

I want to share slides created with Google Slide with my project members who are outside the company!

Provisioning using “Groups”

Other information that can be synchronized

Lineworks Logo

Users in the sales department should be able to share notes, appointments and files in LINE WORKS!

Provisioning using “Groups”

Other information that can be synchronized

Microsoft365 Logo

I would like to link groups of access permissions to SharePoint, etc!

Provisioning using “Groups”

Other information that can be synchronized

Cybozu Logo

I want to set up management and access privileges for the cloud version of Garoon according to position and role!

Provisioning using “Groups”

Other information that can be synchronized


Provisioning with SCIM 2.0

Simple and easy to extend user schema focused on Identity Provisioning of cloud services

CloudGate UNO supports SCIM2.0, which is designed to provide a standardized way to manage user identities for cloud-based applications and services, unlike APIs, which have their own rules for each service, to ensure interoperability, security, and scalability Please contact us for SCIM 2.0 compatible services.

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Provisioning with SCIM 2.0 | Provisioning

CloudGate UNO helps organizations implement a Zero Trust approach to security.

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