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With a wide range of support including MFA implementation and operation support and security consulting. We protect your valuable information assets from the threat of cyber-attacks.

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Special support and consulting services only for CloudGate UNO customers

What is CloudGate Premium Support?

CloudGate Premium Support (CGPS) provides companies that use CloudGate UNO and require a higher level of security with advice on profile settings, including multi-factor authentication (MFA), based on expert knowledge and detailed log analysis results, We provide support for optimal settings based on supporting data.

In the age of zero trust, many cyber attacks start with password theft, making SSO more than just a convenient tool, SSO has become not just a convenient tool, but the most important control point to protect authentication from cyber attacks.

However, increasing the level of security to be able to handle zero-trust means more advanced and complex settings, which also leads to an increased burden on the system administrator.

Therefore, in order to use CloudGate UNO more appropriately while reducing the burden on those in charge, we offer a new service called “CloudGate Premium Support (CGPS).

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Total support from MFA implementation, security settings, verification to improvement

CloudGate Premium Support (CGPS) provides total support from the verification phase to the implementation, operation, confirmation, and improvement phases of CloudGate UNO to raise the security level of our customers.

We also offer a menu of services to address the growing risk of cyber-attacks and the trend toward mandatory multi-factor authentication (MFA) for several major cloud services. We can also help you mitigate risks identified in log analysis reports by our security consultants.

Together with CloudGate UNO’s Zero Trust MFA and Zero Trust SSO, we provide extensive support to our customers.

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Protecting Valuable Information Assets from Cyber Attacks

CloudGate Premium Support (CGPS) also offers a detailed log analysis menu.

Cloud SSO is characterized by the ability to obtain a large number of logs, but security cannot be guaranteed without analyzing the logs generated from critical control points.

CGPS can close security holes by working with customers to remedy risks identified in log analysis reports, such as “the possibility of malicious third-party attacks based on log-in failure history,” and “making a list of authenticators that have not been used for over a year and proposing their deletion. We will support you to close the security holes and protect your valuable information assets from cyber-attacks.

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What CloudGate Premium Support Can Solve

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Realize higher security

We maintain a high level of security through log analysis and security consulting

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Reduce operational burden

Even if the number of people in the information system department is small, specialized staff will support proper operation

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CloudGate Premium Support Service Offerings

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CloudGate Premium Support Service Menu

Consulting Services

We support you with consulting services to enhance your authentication security

Initial/additional implementation support

ISR’s specialized staff will assist with the initial installation of CloudGate UNO and the addition of IDs.

Log Analysis Report

CloudGate UNO's log analysis report will be provided. ※Gold:monthly/annually、 Silver/Bronze:monthly

Service Integration Support

When a new cloud service is introduced, our specialized staff will support single sign-on (SSO) integration. *Ticket system

Authentication Security Consulting

An ISR consultant will analyze your profile and suggest more optimal configuration.


Phone or online meeting support is available for urgent needs

On-demand Support

In addition to our basic email support, we will support you by phone or online conference if you need an urgent response. (For administrators) *Ticket system

Environment Verification Provision

We provide a verification environment for CloudGate UNO.

Provision of pre-site environment before version upgrade

We provide a pre-site environment necessary for checking the UI before upgrading CloudGate UNO.


We provide a higher grade of support menu

Zero Trust Provisioning Support

Supports provisioning with solutions required for Zero Trust Security (ZTS) such as Prisma Access, Zscaler and PulseSecure. *Separate development fee

CloudGate API Support

Support the implementation of the CloudGate API.

CloudGate UNO helps organizations implement a Zero Trust approach to security.

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