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Secure Usage of Smart Devices in your Organization

An increasing number of companies are using cloud services, and today the work style is changing to one that utilizes not only PCs but also smart devices. CloudGate UNO offers 3 solutions according to usage scenes and needs .

Secure Usage of Smart Devices in your Organization | Smart Device Security
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What is Smart Device Security?

Smart device security is the practice of protecting smart devices from unauthorized access, use, or modification. Smart devices are connected to the internet, which means they are vulnerable to cyberattacks. Hackers can exploit security vulnerabilities in smart devices to gain access to personal information, control devices, or disrupt services.

What is Smart Device Security? | Smart Device Security
Adoption of the Zero Trust Model

CloudGate UNO’s Zero Trust SSO Solution

With the spread of cloud services, cyber attacks such as unauthorized access are increasing. For future network security, the Zero Trust concept of “not trusting all access” in restricting access to federated services is essential.

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Security Profile IconFeature 1
Feature 1

Device Restrictions by Browser

Support for multiple cloud services

Usage scenarios
  • Preventing users from logging in from an unspecified number of devices or apps.
  • Users want to control access from the outside by user.
  • This function is available as a standard feature in the device restriction function that performs access control using cookies as permission slips.
  • The required number of cookies can be assigned to each user, allowing flexible control, such as only for PCs or only for smart devices.
  • This function can also be used with some smart device applications.
Feature 1 | Smart Device Security
Device Restriction | Smart Device Security
Feature 2 | Recommended

CloudGate Certificate

Compatible with multiple cloud services

Usage scenarios
  • Only company-specified terminals are allowed to access.
  • Want to control access without increasing operational load.
  • Want to enhance security with cutting-edge technology.
  • Access is allowed only for terminals with a device certificate installed.
  • Strict device restrictions are possible because the private key is stored in a secure area of the device.
  • Flexible access rules can be set by using CloudGate UNO’s security profile function.
Feature 2 | Recommended | Smart Device Security
SmarthPhone Restriction Icon | Smart Device Security
Feature 3

CloudGate Smartphone Device Restriction App

Support for multiple cloud services

Usage scenarios
  • To prevent potential information leakage from smart devices.
  • Want to allow users to view emails securely even on their personal devices.
  • This is an application for Google Workspace users only.
  • A function that requires a passcode input or fingerprint authentication before displaying the screen on the app can be set. This function can be used to prevent information leakage when a device is lost, even if the device cannot be managed by MDM.
  • It is possible to restrict downloading of attached files to prevent data from being left on the device.
Feature 3 | Smart Device Security
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App StoreまたはGoogle Playからダウンロード可能です。

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CloudGate UNO helps organizations implement a Zero Trust approach to security.

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