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One-time Password (OTP)

Multi-factor authentication with One-time Password

Sign up for all your online accounts quickly and easily with Pocket CloudGate, a dedicated app from CloudGate UNO that uses multi-factor authentication.

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What is One-time Password?

One-time password (OTP/One-Time Password) is a disposable password that can be used only once within a certain period of time.

CloudGate UNO can be used in conjunction with OTP generation applications for smartphones such as “Google Authenticator” and “Microsoft Authenticator” as well as “Pocket CloudGate,” a dedicated application for CloudGate UNO, CloudGate UNO can perform two-step authentication using OTP.

What is One-time Password? | One-time Password (OTP)
What is One-time Password? | One-time Password (OTP)

One-time Password Authentication Key Points

Achieve MFA | One-time Password (OTP)
Achieve MFA

Enables MFA even on smartphones that do not have biometric authentication.

Also available on BYOD terminals | One-time Password (OTP)
Also available on BYOD terminals

Enable MFA from your personal device without having to purchase a new MFA solution.

For even more security

MFA with Biometrics

If you have a smartphone with a biometric authentication function, you can use Pocket CloudGate’s biometric authentication. Biometric authentication does not require a password.

CloudGate UNO helps organizations implement a Zero Trust approach to security.

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